Make Pakistan Green presents an innovative and comprehensive web-enabled approach to both the individuals as well as corporate for planting trees as per well-structured and implemented pre-planned projects.


Our Mission is to plant and grow as many trees to match at least 1 tree per person for the entire population in Pakistan. As soon we reached our previous mission, we will maintain the Yearly Child Birth & tree plantation ratio (No. of Tree planted in a year = No. of childbirth happened in a Year) to avoid burdening the future generations of 'Trees' who provide us with a new lease of life.


Leaving Green Footprints Miles and Miles Away!
Our vision is make Pakistan Green by tree planting to build a green future for our future generations, provide them with a hospitable environment, and to set them free to breathe in a clean air by saving Mother Nature and planting more trees.

Make Pakistan Green

is a idea of Green Future , which is a green initiative to make our world a better place for more stable and healthier life.

About Us


Pakistan is at the 7th number of global warming. The Air of Pakistan is polluting day by day due to smoke of traffic, factories & industries. Since some years ago, due to new construction of infrastructure projects such as Motor ways, High ways, Commercial Markets & Housing Projects caused the cutting of many trees, there was no single project for the plantation of tree to overcome this loss of trees just because of infrastructure & due to this, Enthalpy rate is increasing day by day. We decided a plan for decreasing pollution & heat content. So that we started a campaign with the name of MAKE PAKISTAN GREEN. 1.5 year ago, MPGreen Campaign started from “Pak-Pattan Sharif” a city of Punjab, Pakistan. There are already many organizations working at plantation project. Not only in a short interval of time, Make Pakistan Green have become famous & MPGreen team are present in allover cities of Pakistan. Reason of this fame, we are working not only at planting tree, we also provide awareness about plantation to local society. Plantation Transmutation is impossible, till the importance of plantation are not known by the peoples. So that we welcomed every institute to be a part of our team specially colleges, universities & the different societies of people. We messaged them ” be a part of this mission”.  We may convey the importance of plantation to next coming generation. We welcomed many famous celebrities (who have no need of any introduction such as societies impressed personalities) to be a part of this mission. Our campaign is developing and our teams are working in many cities. MPGreen have an official management cell for engorgement of team work & offering different duties to the all member of team individually. Whenever duty is assigned to a member, he fulfil his responsibility with his best skill. There are different designations such as President, Vice president, General Secretary and many more with the Official Identification Cards are provided by Official Management Make Pakistan Green to show identity at any level where required. MPGreen announced a membership card for welcome new comers. Online Membership form is to be filled for new membership. Day by day the people are joining our team and we have introduced new ideas for plantation for our next generation.

Developing new Plant nursery projects are started in different cities of Pakistan by Make Pakistan Green team. We wanna welcome to overall Pakistan to join us in this mission. Pakistan Zindabad.

Why Make Pakistan Green

We have big team of Volunteer in all over the Pakistan.

We deliver Palnts
Skilled Volunteer
Clean Work
Proper Take Care