The nature-based solution to climate change and impact on well-being

Time to do, what means a lot

A famous saying ‘Pakistan is Golden Sparrow’. This is because Pakistan is blessed with natural resources like rivers, sunlight, Seasons and plenty of fertile land called pure land. On the other hand, “Pakistan is one of the most affected climate change countries. Which is at number seven in global warming.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s The Billion Tree Tsunami Project

Pakistan’s climate change is not only a disaster, but it’s also a challenge for us. We must accept this challenge collectively and participate to do Plantation which is a fore step towards the implementation of the PM of Pakistan Imran Khan’s vision of clean and green Pakistan. In KPK more than nine lakh trees were planted in 2015-2016. The Billion Tree Tsunami, a project for KPK will be completed in June 2020 by government officials. It is not only the duty of Government officials its responsibility of every Pakistani particularly youth.  We must plant trees to overcome on deforestation.

The United States report Pakistan has only 5.2% of forest land which should be 10-12%

Pakistan has only 5.2% of forest land which should be 10-12% recommended by the United States. But the other pity point is this 5.2% also started to dry due to lack of water and lack of attention. If we think, Why all this happing with our environment? Who is responsible? If I could give the answer of these questions I will say, we are responsible of this disaster, we are responsible of this erosion, we are responsible of this deforestation, we are much more responsible than how much we feel or realize. We are responsible because we did not prioritize our environment for our life.

Latest research by WHO Germany, USA, and the UK)

Latest research (done by the authors from WHO Germany, USA, and the UK) shows that Environment has a great impact on human psychology. This research also focuses on discus that green spaces are directly linked with health and well-being with evidence of decreases in certain critical situations including Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart attack. A healthy body keeps a healthy mind. But we as MPG (Make Pakistan green) team believe a green, clean environment helps us to have a healthy body which leads to keeps a healthy mind.

UK researcher

UK researcher finds that all sorts of things like, promotion, high pay scale, get married and even lottery winning of £500,000 makes us happy just for short period of time from 6 months to one year and then this unsustainable happiness bring us back to the baseline. With evidence, they established a link between promoting and living in Green spaces makes us relax, stress-free and we can make more sensible and powerful decision and be happy for longer periods of life.

Make Pakistan Green initiative will lead to environmental wellbeing

MPG is a comprehensive movement started with a huge number of volunteers from cities across Pakistan. This initiative will lead to environmental wellbeing through awareness programs on hygiene, Liquid and solid waste management, tree plantation, Watering, and Environmental pollution.

Donation to a plantation

MPG project also establishes a link between a donation to a plantation which will also boost local income by generating green jobs in terms of tree outlets. To make Pakistan green not only will connect our soul with our motherland, but it will also reinvigorate beauty, minimize erosion, mitigate climate change, lower the probability of floods and increase the chances of precipitation and growth of our country. So, come on, stand up and help yourself to make Pakistan green not only for us for our next generations.

It’s never too late to do something bigger and better.

Clean Pakistan- breath Pakistan

Green Pakistan- -Lead Pakistan

Pakistan Zindabad.

Zanera Nawaz
MPG Ambassador UK
Biomedical scientist UK
Research fellow
[email protected]                                                  Date: 31/07/2019

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